Nursing Scholarships In North Carolina

It is relatively easy to find nursing scholarships in North Carolina. The demand for nurses is extremely high. There are just not enough qualified persons to fill the needs for them. Because of this, in an effort to solve this ever-growing problem, The United States Department of Health and Human Services is offering a variety of federally funded grant programs to those who wish to enter into the nursing program.

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One of these such programs is called The Scholarships For Disadvantaged Students. This is a program designed to help those students who are at a financial disadvantage. These students must be enrolled full time in a nursing or other medical program. Students should apply for this scholarship directly from their schools financial aid office.

The Nursing Scholarship Program gives out more than two hundred grants and scholarships to students every year. One of the requirements of this program is for the student to agree to work in a high need medical facility for at least two years after he or she graduates. Scholarships not only cover all school expenses but they offer as much as a $1,000 monthly living allowance. In addition to these two scholarship programs, the US Dept. of Health and Human Services also offers three federally funded loan programs for those going into the nursing field.

These programs are-The Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program, The Faculty Loan Repayment Program and The Indian Health Service Loan Repayment Program. Students can inquire about these programs from their schools financial aid office. In addition to the federally funded scholarship and grant programs that are offered, there are some state funded programs that offer grants and nursing scholarships in North Carolina as well. In an effort to fill the vacancies in the nursing profession, North Carolina, as well as thirty seven other states, offer programs to encourage students to choose this struggling field.

The North Carolina Education Assistance Authority issues anywhere between three hundred and four hundred awards as part of their nursing scholarship program. This award is based on the students academic progress and students who qualify will receive up to $6,000. Students must also be enrolled in a state accredited school full time in a two or four year undergraduate or nursing program in order to qualify for these nursing scholarships in North Carolina.

For those students who have already chosen the specialty field they want to go in, ie-geriatrics, pediatrics, cancer patients, etc…, there are many organizations that offer scholarships and grants for that chosen field. These include such organizations as The American Cancer Association and the American Heart Association. So, in conclusion, if you have chosen the nursing field as the profession you want to go into, it should be no problem for you to find grant programs or nursing scholarships in North Carolina.

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